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Seasonal Home Maintenance Package
Regular Maintenance is Key 
The best way to protect the investment in your home is by regularly inspecting your home, and following good maintenance practices.  With a regular schedule of seasonal maintenance you can prevent the most common — and costly — problems, before they occur. 
The maintenance package is designed to perform mundane tasks that get pushed aside by our busy schedules, as well as inspection of key area's of your home to avoid potential problems.
The maintenance package will protect the investment in your home, maximize the resale value, and minimize potential issues when selling your home.
I offer  monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance packages.
Some of the sevices provided in maintenance are listed below, you can certainly add or subtract and customize your package to suit your needs.
* Change floodlight bulbs 
* Change all entrance door lightbulbs 
* Open or close (depending on season) shutoff to all outdoor water spigots
* Open or close (depending on season) exterior crawl space vents
* Lubricate garage door tracks and rollers
* Lubricate garage door opener chain (if applicable)
* Keep trees and shrubs cut back and clear of the sides and roof of your home
*Insulate pipes in your home's crawl spaces and attic to protect from freezing
* Repair and paint fences as necessary
* Visually inspect all windows for rot conditions, deficient caulking and/or paint failure
* Visually inspect siding, cornices (soffits/fascia) and any trim for:
             rot conditions
           deficient caulking
* holes (missing nails, carpenter bees, woodpeckers, etc.), and paint failure(s).
* Inspect exterior and advise customer of any potential critter entry conditions
* Inspect and advise of any water drainage issues (loose gutters/downspouts,              drainage pipes/catch basins, improper soil conditions)
* Inspect wood fencing for rot conditions
* Adjust binding gate hinges and/or lock mechanisms
* Inspect decks for rot and/or dangerous conditions
* Visually inspect roof for loose, torn, curled, or missing shingles
* Inspect all exterior doors for:
* proper alignment (i.e. warped/racked, binding door)
* functioning locksets (lubricate where necessary),
* loose/failed hinges (lubricate where necessary),
* deficient weatherstripping
* rot conditions to door/jambs/threshold
* Change all batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (stand alone units only - not part of alarm system equipment)
* Change water filter (refrigerator and/or faucet)
*Check the water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator icemaker and dishwasher for cracks and blisters
*Disconnect the duct connected to the dryer and vacuum lint from duct, the areas surrounding your clothes dryer and your dryer’s vent hood outside
* Check fire extinguishers for adequate charge
* Change filters in heating/air conditioning unit
* Check HVAC for any problems
* Inspect toilets for leaking between tank and bowl (using dye), and at shutoff valve and overflow tube
* Check under faucet’s for leaks to supply and drain lines, and shutoff valves
* Fill sink with water and check sink stoppers for leaks
* Remove and clean aerator’s to all sink faucets
* Inspect dishwasher and garbage disposal for leaks
* Inspect tile and grout in showers and tub surrounds (advise customer of deficient conditions)
* Inspect all interior doors for loose or binding conditions (advise customer of any deficiencies)
* Adjust door knobs/hinges and lubricate
* Check dehumidifier and clean if necessary
*Ensure sump pump is operating properly before the spring thaw sets in. Ensure discharge pipe is connected and allows water to drain away from the foundation
*Make sure that the caulking around your bathroom fixtures is adequate to prevent water from seeping into the sub-flooring
* Change lightbulbs in chandeliers
* Change lightbulbs in ceiling fans
* Remove bathroom exhaust fan covers and vacuum fan and cover, lubricate fan
* Change kitchen exhaust fan charcoal filters 
* Seal granite countertops (annual)
* Clean gutters
* Pressure washing
* Re-caulk bathtub and showers 
* Patch grout in showers and tub surrounds
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